etāvaj janma-sāphalyaṁ
 dehinām iha dehiṣu
prāṇair arthair dhiyā vācā
 śreya-ācaraṇaṁ sadā

Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 10.22.35: It is the duty of every living being to perform welfare activities for the benefit of others with his life, wealth, intelligence and words


ISKCON Siliguri can accept your generous donation in the following methods:

Life membership Program

Life members get a centrally issued hologram card with their photo and patron number along with an updated comprehensive list of ISKCON centers around the world. Life members are welcome to stay in any ISKCON center all over the world for free, for three days in a year. All accommodation is subject to availability and only with confirmed advance reservation. This applies to accommodation in a single room of the patron, spouse and children below 18 years of age, and dependent parents above 60 years of age.

For more information and registration as Life Member, please contact: Nam Krishna Das +91-9800865100 (Head of The Deptartment of Life Membership).

Nitya Seva

It means ‘’constant or regular service’’, who are unable to engage in direct service to the Deities can engage themselves in Deity service by making a regular donation every month for Deity service. Of course, this also helps them purify their wealth. The Nitya Seva opportunities are as follows:

  • Srila Prabhupad Nitya seva – Rs 501
  • Shri Panchatattva Nitya seva – Rs 1001
  • Lord Nrisimhadeva Nitya seva – Rs 1001
  • Lord Ram Nitya seva – Rs 1001
  • Lord Jagannatha Nitya seva – Rs 1501
  • Shri RadhaMadhava Nitya seva – Rs 2001

To become a Nitya Sevak/Sevika, or for more information, please contact any of the following :

  • H.G. Subijoy Gour Das, +91-9231684759
  • H.G. Dwija Hari  Das, +91-98008-65109
  • H.G. Arindam Gour Das, +91-9800865107
  • H.G. Tribhanga Hari Das, +91-9800865110


Bank Details are as follows if you wish to write a cheque or use online transfer via net banking

  • Name of Bank = AXIS BANK
  • Bank Branch = Spectrum House, Sevoke Road, Siliguri
  • Bank Account No = 035010100059361
  • Account Name = ISKCON
  • Account Type= Savings Account
  • IFSC Code: UTIB0000035
  • Swift Code = Axis INBB035